Pulverbeschichtung is your present and modern way of surface finishing that, unlike the classic wet paints, uses the dry system of coating items or surfaces. The procedure basically involves placing the powder-coated surface in an oven, then exposed to heat till it reaches its melting point. The end is actually impressive and incredibly attractive and the coating it generates is so sturdy which is actually exceptionally resistant from corrosion, abrasion and scratches, unlike every other traditional wet paint. This actually commences application by putting the powder into the goal area with the use of tribo or charging guns. A container is put at the base of air cavity where it’s filled with powder for sticking pre-heated coating to the surface that is to be applied with the powder.

Moreover, the end finish greatly depends on the preparation of this surface. Preparation of the substrate or coating is very important in order to generate an excellent coat. The surface or product that’s to be coated must be free from oil traces, lubricants and grime particles. This is the principal step towards achieving a successful and high-quality finish. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the area and be certain that no chemicals or any particles exist to avoid uneven coat. If correct preparation is not done, the standard of your finish might be negatively influenced.

Additionally, there are various techniques you can choose from to wash any stains or particles within the surface area. Cleaning techniques can change the form and amount of actual stains but one of the ordinary approaches is sandblasting. You can apply sandblasting on wooden, plastic and glass surfaces whereas silicon carbide grit can be used to get non-metal surfaces. Additionally, a cast steel shot is used for steel surface areas before actual application of powder. Once the particles are charged, it will adhere to the electrically ground regions of the surface when heating is used.

The last and most important process is curing. This stage involves placing the coated thing inside an infrared cure or convection cure toaster and by letting the powders melt with the gear placed to 200 degree Celsius. Then, place the item inside for approximately 10 minutes. In this process, powders start to melt and react with the charged particles which make it stick to the substrate permanently.

Furthermore, to be able to accomplish a long-lasting and durable conclusion, an individual must take into consideration the appropriate use of the equipment in addition to the proper application of the powders. Powder coating has become effective in making an impression of durability, affordability and eco-friendly. That is why most manufacturers elect to utilize this technology into their products, particularly in bulk manufacturing.