Roller Banner Stands can really work hard for your business and get back their first purchase price many times over by creating interest on your exhibition stand, gaining buyers from the special offers in the event or at point of purchase. You can even use them in your business premises to introduce business visitors to the products and services that you offer and being a helpful adjunct when you are making a demonstration or undertaking personnel training.

Several kinds of those Roller Banner Stands are available so it is important to do your homework and research which of these would be most suitable for your business. Even more significant than this, is to engage the services of a good graphic designer. It’s no good having a ‘hit and hope’ strategy – some additional costs will be minimal when compared with the prospective returns from a stunning images panel. As soon as you’ve produced graphics that present the corporate identity you want to convey, you are able to adapt the theme for future banner ads and thus decrease the expenses involved. Careful consideration to the layout of this layout on the banner can allow you to utilize a picture that’s going on a banner framework using a telescoping or flexible upright pole as a tabletop display. For this to function, the plan of the top section of the banner graphic must be such it is sometimes a stand-alone image.

Not only are they really simple to erect and take down, but you have the reassurance of knowing that the banner is stowed away safely and cannot get ruined until you need to use it. If you have to get an exhibition display together quickly, four or more of these stands put together will form the basis of an exhibition stand very effortlessly.

Two other kinds of the banner are rather similar in that the picture isn’t stored within this rack, but is transported separately and put onto the frame when needed. The first type are the Rigid Pole Banner Stands and these are very hard wearing and will come in widths acceptable for making a seamless backdrop to your stand. You may often hear these larger banners called Media Backdrop Banners because of this. The next kind – Tension Banner Poles, are somewhat similar but lighter in weight, relying on the tension of the flexible rod to pull on the banner when it’s in position. These may look very eye-catching as they’re currently available with cut out banner ads in a shape relevant to your product or company and they may be used to great effect.

Now there are many outdoor events that provide a chance for sales and marketing, the banner stands are being adapted to suit this environment with interlocking bases and specially designed banner fixings to make sure they don’t blow over.

Roller Banner Stands really do provide excellent value for money so long as you do not go for the least expensive option available and take great care with the plan of these images for your banner itself. Double-sided banners with images on the reverse are also getting popular, giving another opportunity to catch the attention of possible customers. As a promotional sales and marketing instrument, their minimum initial cost, belies the effectiveness they have in assisting you to acquire more sales.