Diamond wedding rings are a rather recent phenomenon; upward until about sixty decades back, many married couples wore simple gold rings. Nowadays, diamond wedding ring sets are rather common. There are diamond wedding rings for people who prefer those to diamond wedding rings which have a set gems inside them.

Throughout history, pearl jewellery has been valued and desired. But, it was not until about 500 years ago the science and art of diamond cutting has been first born. The majority of the stones which find their way to diamond wedding bands are cut and assessed from the Belgian city of Antwerp, which has become the middle of the diamond business because the mid-1500s.

It’s correct the Archduke Maximilian I of Austria introduced his bride Marie of Burgundy with a diamond wedding ring in the event of the wedding 1477, but that didn’t place an overall precedent. This precedent needed to wait for another 423 decades.

The term “a 戒指 is forever,” became the foundation not just of a James Bond book by Ian Fleming and the film and hit tune that came from it, but one of the very brilliant marketing campaign of time. The DeBeers Company employed this term to convince people to abandon the gold rings that were conventional for married couples for decades, and adopt their lineup on fashion-designed diamond wedding ring sets.

The effort has been remarkably successful; in just a couple of decades, plain gold rings were substituted by diamond wedding rings and rings with stones that were set.
A similar effort was undertaken with the U.S. diamond jewelry sector; the marketplace was geared toward those couples intending to wed.. The thought was to convince the American people of an “old tradition” where guys wore diamond engagement rings in addition to their fiancées. This specific effort was somewhat less powerful, but it did help to grow the prevalence of gemstone wedding rings among American couples.

Diamond Jewelry Today

Diamonds in the rough are sent to a few of the significant diamond centres in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York, London or Singapore, where they’re rated and cut; following this they experience an assessment for carat (dimensions and weight), colour, cut and clarity. Next, anglers buy these stones in a lot and utilize them as preferences for diamond wedding rings and other sorts of jewelry.