If a dog licks a person it may be irritating and uncomfortable, but it all depends on in the event that you have a liking to puppies because otherwise, it is a nice feeling. It is not everyone who would like to get licked by a dog. It is best to first know the reason for the licking in order to understand how to curb it in case it gets out of hand. The following are a few of the reasons.

For cleaning purposes.

Dogs lick themselves clean. They’ll utilize licking as a way to groom themselves, this can be by licking their face wash, their pawns and also the body.

We taste good.

Yes, our bodies have a salty taste that the dogs like licking, this will result in the dog constant licking so as to enjoy that flavor. A puppy will lick you whenever you have a new smell and it wants to taste it.

As a form of communication.

A dog could be licking so as to pass a message; perhaps it’s feeding time, grooming period or it can require something. It is good to check out and determine what might be needed and when it is sorted the licking will discontinue. If its licking another dog maybe it means that it likes your dog.

Attention seeking.

The dog might be neglected and so it’s looking to be noticed and recognized. As soon as you take notice the milling may stop. A puppy may simply would like to be included in what the owner is doing, perhaps they are having a talk and the dog is just out watching.

As a type of affection.

The dog utilizes licking to show its attachment to the owner and other family members and also along with other dogs. When the dog is continually licking you, it’s a form of affection towards you.

Skin irritation and allergies.

The skin possibly irritable because of maybe being filthy and therefore have bred flies that causes continuous itching and scratching which the dog will calm down by licking. Allergies also result in lots of scratching and the dog will resort to licking to calm down. So check the skin in order to be sure.

Injuries and illness.

If the dog was injured, he will lick the wound constantly to wash it and because saliva in the dog aids in speeding the recovery process. The dog will lick an injured body part to help alleviate the pain.

Stress and boredom.

The dog may create a liking to licking, the reason being exhausted. When it doesn’t have anything to do with its lonely, it turns to licking. After the puppy has stressed it turns to licking which is great as it aids in relieving strain.