When the Devil is in every negative situation and reality that temporarily slips us up, God is at each positive person, and he is doing just fine. That is the great news. Sure, I will tell you a long diatribe about how “powerful the devil is” and say that the nuke button will be pushed and prevent everything, but this is not that. Regardless of how the world, universe and existence may shake for a moment, optimistic force of presence or God always brings it back to functioning. Sure, I could complain in this guide, but enough people do that on news programs, newspapers, commentaries and the like. I am just going to extol and understand that the positive virtues of reality and existence in this.

It has been a few years since I purchased and first read the Napoleon Hill book “Outwitting The Devil”, but the concepts and idea of fact and the forces of existence being mastered and exercised by genuinely aware forces has not left my thoughts. So, here is a little glimpse into my thoughts when I conversed with God until I finish this article:

God: So, you wish to learn, do you really?

God: I am every really winning scenario that has been or ever has been around. Do you think the devil can do this?

Me: No, I don’t.

God: Even the singer Paul Simon stated, “And the devil called my name, who do you think you’re fooling?” Why is it that you think I answer your prayers just like I do?

Me: Because I really always understand without quitting or giving up I am following the Winner, nevertheless lots of dishes, floor displays and wars the devil gets temporarily.

God: Good answer, but let me do you better: No matter how fun that the devil looks at times, the devil will always lose like that ridiculous Hank Ketchum Dennis the Menace quote you always use, “How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you are doing it?” The devil will always lose because he is every unfavorable situation that can put on a fantastic show before sinking, remember the unsinkable stem boat Titanic?

Me: Yes, I remember it all too well, maybe not the real though, but the motion picture. The devil in 1912 had those men on deck entertaining individuals with violins while “the impossible” occurred right both in real life and at the film?

Me: I may sound somewhat like a “Donald Trump Boast Roast” here, but I am doing it for the right side: I will stay with the winners no matter how good the show on the opposite side since they always lose anyway.

God: You will, my faithful servant, you will. All things considered, it is similar to the ridiculous joke regarding the fighter heading to hell which you always inform. Tell it to your readers today before you end:

There was also this politician who had a near-death experience. The politician took an actual tour of heaven and hell throughout the experience. Heaven looked boring to the politician as they seemed to be doing nothing but strumming harps and doing God’s will there. In hell, there was an Earth like party with medications, deal making, “good times” and a great deal of sex. The devil even cautioned him that this was the campaign to acquire more “suckers” and unenlightened people to come to hell. Therefore, before the fighter came back from the near-death experience, the politician told God, “I want to go to hell with the devil, heaven looks as boring as hell!” Then the politician went back to Earth to live the rest of their life, and if they died, there was nothing to do but sit at a formless dungeon. The politician asked where the celebration and all of the trimmings were: The devil said: “I warned you, that was the campaign to get you into hell, now you are in office here for eternity and this is what it means: Nothing, absolutely nothing, you lost out on eternal happiness. You are nowhere. Bye.” The devil left him with himself, his regrets and his thoughts and no way from them. Because he died, there is not an escape.