In terms of the artist, you may use your blog to promote your work, upcoming shows, and your successes as an artist. Many artists say that they’d really like to get a site but don’t have the cash, well, using a blog can serve as your primary site till you receive a website of your liking. The principal point is to use the blog to generate buzz about your work and construct you or your brand.

Should you have a website already but it was created and is managed by a web designer in which you need to get hold of them and wait two to three weeks on requested changes which may be a hassle. With a blog you can post something quickly without having to call anyone and wait for them to make changes. You can use the site to drive traffic to a main site. That is my main purpose. Here are a few important points which you could use to promote your art with a site or as I like to call it, Carl Kruse Art Blog.

Point 1 – You are able to post pictures of the job you created or work you’re selling. People really like to observe your work and love to see works in progress. You’ve heard the expression pictures say a thousand words plus they do. A good deal of people consider blogs as just for reading and not really about images but if you have images in your blog that compliment a great story you will have a wonderful interesting blog that will keep readers interested in you and your job. Utilizing PayPal and eBay, it is easy to setup shopping carts or cover buttons on your site to permit clients to purchase paintings, sculptures, jewelry, or what you’ve got.

Point 2 – Another unique thing you can do is to post videos of your job, or you creating your work, on your own blog. Videos are excellent tools for prospective customers to find the real you. You can also post videos of your artwork shows and exhibitions, particularly if people are purchasing your work at these displays. I believe the more interesting your videos would be the better. With YouTube and other video programs it is extremely easy to post videos on websites and sites.

Point 3 – Blogs are simple to do and easy to find information on the web and the most important thing you might want to do in order to help market yourself using your site is to write about your own life as an artist. You can speak about your success and your own failures. The more transparent you are the better. Websites started-off as way for people to submit information fast and simple on the internet without having to go through a lot of red tape. Nowadays they can be used for practically anything but the main method for you as an artist to utilize an art blog is to share your life on the web.

Having a traditional site created by a web designer you can not easily post new information regarding your own life and your artwork. You can start by sharing your own life and data about you as an artist today. Just sign up to or WordPress and began blogging about your own work. You might choose to think about a particular yet memorable title for your site, remember that Blogspot or WordPress will be attached to the conclusion of your internet name. In terms of picking a title I suggest you use your title or a creative title which relates to the sort of work that you do. This will add to your new in the long run.